Covid 19 Update: We are still open during normal business hours!


What Do We Accept?

Please, consider purchasing some of the following items for our Charleston Area Churches Food Pantry.


Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance! You really are making a difference for the community!  

*Tuna                                             *Canned Corn

*Ravioli                                          *Canned Peas

*Pork and Beans                     *Instant Potatoes

*Peanut Butter                             *Canned Soup

*Canned Carrots/Mixed Veggies       *Crackers

*Tomato Juice                        *Cereal/Oatmeal 

*Canned Fruit            *Canned Evaporated Milk

*Canned Green Beans                  *Pasta Sauce

*Macaroni and Cheese                            *Pasta

*Toilet Paper                                 *Baking Soda  

​ Thank you for helping reduce hunger in our community!